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John Barth and Team BluFrog Train for Triatholon – September 07, 2015

24 Aug

In 2013, NSTA friend and member John Barth successfully completed the Houston Town Lake Triathlon uIMG_0899nder Team NSTA during Labor Day weekend. Team NSTA’s Fundraising goal was set at $5,000. The team raised $5,900 for our organization surpassing their goal. Coming in 2nd place in the Giving Challenge meant an additional $750 was donated to NSTA. We are so proud and thankful to John Barth and John Josser (riding like the wind in the cycling portion of the triathlon) for raising funds and spreading awareness of spasmodic torticollis/cervical dystonia.

DSC01569In 2014, John trained vigorously and competed once again in the Town Lake Triathlon in Cypress, Texas on September 1, 2014 under Team BluFrog to raise funds and promote awareness of dystonia. The race was held on the first day of Dystonia Awareness month. What made this race special was that this was the first time that he was allowed to cycle on his recumbent style tricycle. John persevered through the running, swimming and cycling portions of the event together with Team BluFrog and completed an excellent race.

Over the past two years, fueled by his drive and determination to do something to help people who suffer from cervical dystonia, John has raise $15,000. Please help again as John and Team BluFrog (www.teamblufrogmultisport.com) trains for the Olympic distance race at Towne Lake (1500 meter swim, 24 miles on the bike, 10k run) on September 07, 2015. We want to share his story to raise public awareness and funds. Forward his link to family, friends and coworkers so they will know what cervical dystonia is and can have the opportunity to contribute as John prepares for his race. Contributions are tax deductible and can be made online on John’s Reason2Race webpage. We are so proud of John and admire his determination and perseverance.