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NSTA Kentucky/Ohio Regional Conference

18 Jan

The NSTA is cancelling the April 30, 2016, Kentucky/Ohio Regional Conference on Saturday, April 30th. On April 1st, Christian, the son of our Vice President, Diane Truong, lost his battle with depression and passed away. Christian Truong was a gentle and kind person who sincerely cared for others. Since the first day I met him when he was a teenager 18 years ago, he has maintained love for the people, a sincere concern for their well-being and carried an admiral social conscience placing his needs aside. He was the type of person who would think of the small details that would make someone really feel appreciated. So many people whose life was touched by Christian will miss his kind demeanor and his goofy sense of humor that made you smile.

Christian has been involved with the NSTA in the background ever since he was a teenager. He volunteered to help us with mass mailings, the NSTA magazine and the filming of the symposiums. He filmed and produced a short film called “Living Well with Dystonia” that complimented the book by Authors Dr. Daniel Truong, Dr. Karen Frei and Dr. Mayank Pathak. Everyone at the NSTA headquarters is going through a difficult time as the Truong family prepares for his final arrangements.

Due to the final arrangements currently being made around the same time as the conference and the emotional impact this has taken on the NSTA staff, it has been decided that the upcoming conference in Kentucky will be cancelled. Registrants will be issued refunds. I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. NSTA will have articles from our guest speakers in the forthcoming magazines.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Justin G. Aquines
Executive Director

The following is the youtube video Christian Truong placed together about depression shortly after the passing of actor Robin Williams who succumb to his depression. Despite the battle that Christian was fighting inside, he took time to bring awareness to people so others can be helped.